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How Teeth Tomorrow® Can Change Your Life

You are not alone.

Millions of other Americans suffer from debilitating dental problems that drastically affect their physical and psychological wellness.  The saddest part is that these problems not only keep you from enjoying everyday life, but can rob you of your self-esteem.

You can put an end to the suffering, embarrassment, and inconvenience caused by your missing and failing teeth. You can enjoy eating again.  You can actually be proud of your smile.  Most importantly, you can significantly improve your overall health by eliminating disease and infections in your mouth, and becoming pain-free.

Teeth Tomorrow® is the solution! It provides permanent, natural looking teeth, custom-made to your personal requirements.  You never have to take them out. You brush them just like normal teeth, and you can eat and smile with confidence.

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EastSide Dental Medicine is conveniently located in mid-town Manhattan in the Historic Fuller Building.

Our restorative, cosmetic and preventive dentistry efforts will provide you with consistently longer lasting, complete solutions for your teeth and gums as we enhance the natural beauty of your smile.

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  • How Teeth Tomorrow®
    Changed Kenny's Life

    Kenny’s teeth caused him constant discomfort and kept him from enjoying life’s simple pleasures.  He had almost given up hope, until he found Teeth Tomorrow®.

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  • How Teeth Tomorrow®
    Changed Ron's Life

    Ron describes his experience as Transforming. A professional entertainer, he needs to connect with every audience.  Now he performs with confidence, and proudly shows off his smile!

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  • How Teeth Tomorrow®
    Changed Desiree's Life

    Desiree was in her late twenties when she put an end to suffering from her missing and failing teeth. Hiding them made people think she was angry or unhappy all the time. Now she can’t stop smiling.

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  • How Teeth Tomorrow®
    Changed Jennifer's Life

    Jennifer was in the end-stage of chronic, adult periodontal disease. Over the years, she had tried multiple types of treatments to correct her condition, including having most of her teeth bonded together to help hold them in place. Teeth Tomorrow® gave her hope, confidence, and the simple joy of biting into an apple…

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What’s the Advantage
of the Teeth Tomorrow® Process?

Our process of delivering a fully-polished and refined lab-crafted bridge the day following tooth extracting and implant placement has been proven to produce superior results.

Teeth Tomorrow

With Teeth Tomorrow®
you don’t have a temporary bridge put in on the day that your teeth are removed. Why?

  • You get a chance to heal overnight, while your laboratory processed temporary bridge is delivered comfortably by your dentist the next day “Tomorrow”.
  • When you return ‘Tomorrow’, you get a lab-produced, polished dental appliance that is custom made to your unique requirements, not a temporary bridge made chair-side.
  • You leave with a beautiful smile, and get to start enjoying eating again and living your life.
  • Instead of a long chairside reline appointment after surgery, you leave, you rest and come back the next day while the dental laboratory creates a refined and polished temporary bridge. A more refined and stronger temporary bridge allows for better tissue healing and increased stability of the healing implants.

Best of all, your permanent replacement bridge can now be sculpted from a solid block of Prettau® Zirconia – a unique, high-quality material that is resistant to chipping, and staining unlike acrylic.

  • Zirconia will not chip, crack or stain like acrylic bridges with denture teeth, and provides a permanent solution.
  • It doesn’t attract plaque, so brushing is easy and it stays clean.
  • It’s non-porous, so it doesn’t attract odors, and is exceptionally durable, so it fits comfortably and feels as natural as it looks.

Your final Prettau® Zirconia bridge is tailored specifically to you using 3-D imaging and state-of-the-art robotic sculpting. It’s then hand-finished and shaded for a natural look and polished for exceptional fit and feel..

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