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What is the Cost of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are one of the great advances in modern dentistry. Replacing a single (missing, chipped, broken or otherwise unhealthy) tooth with a crown supported by a dental implant lasts far longer than a traditional crown or root canal. Because of this increase in quality, a dental implant is a more expensive procedure. The cost of dental implants can range from about $3,000 for a single tooth to tens of thousands of dollars for a full-arch implant-supported dental bridge.

When considering the cost of dental implants, it’s important to take into consideration the following items:

  1. How many teeth do you need to have replaced?
  2. What is the life expectancy of the rest of your teeth?
  3. How old is any dental work (root canals, fillings, crowns and bridges) that you currently have?
  4. How are your missing and unhealthy teeth affecting the way you live your life?

The answers to these questions will help you determine the type of dental implant procedure best for you. Compare the costs of continuing trips to the dentist to fix your teeth as they fail versus a more permanent solution. Implants may appear more expensive in the short term, but they deliver much more value over the coming years.

When a patient contacts our Teeth Tomorrow Manhattan practice about dental implants, the first thing we do is to determine the longevity of their teeth in their current condition. This is crucial to providing that patient with treatment options. Before any procedure, we consider the long-term effectiveness.

When a younger patient in generally good oral health wants to replace a single missing or damaged tooth, a single implant may be the right choice. These types of patients don’t have extensive dental work, and do have healthy gums, so the addition of a single implant will keep their other teeth from shifting and experiencing stress.

Older patients who have had extensive crowns, bridges, and root canals and/or are losing teeth due to gum disease may require multiple implants or even full mouth restorations. This is when it is most important to consider the life expectancy of the patients’ remaining teeth.

For example:

A patient in their 50s or 60s may have 3-4 missing teeth and a bridge to fill that gap. A panoramic x-ray scan reveals that she has had multiple root canals and/or traditional crowns. Her gums have begun to recede (as they do as people age) putting her remaining teeth at risk for decay or loss. Now we start adding up the costs.

A dental-implant-supported bridge to just replace her missing teeth may cost about $10-12,000. However, as her remaining teeth begin to fail over the next 5 to 7 years, the cost of additional procedures adds up. Over the coming years, this patient can expect to spend over $75,000 if she does not want to end up wearing removable dentures. In addition to the monetary cost, she will spend time in dental visits to fix each problem as it occurs.

For these types of patients, Teeth Tomorrow Manhattan provides a truly life-changing solution. Our Prettau® Zirconia bridge is a full set of naturally beautiful teeth and gums, custom-milled from a single piece of arguably the best material available for dental prosthetics. It doesn’t chip, break, crack or attract plaque like other full arch bridges made from acrylic and denture teeth, and it’s the only bridge backed by 2 landmark studies of over 2,000 cases and a 99+% success rate.

The cost of dental implants may seem expensive at first look, but financing programs are available. The investment often reduces total dental costs over time.

To find out if Teeth Tomorrow is right for you, call our office at (646) 491-8972 or request a consultation online.

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