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      No More Dentures

      with the Teeth Tomorrow Full-Arch Dental Implant Bridge

      Over 23 million people in the US have no teeth at all. About 12 million have no upper or lower teeth. For years, their only option was removable dentures. These plastic gums and porcelain teeth were held in place with adhesives and had to be taken out at night for cleaning. But what would a world be like with no more dentures?

      Obviously, people would still want teeth, but if you’re replacing bad teeth, you want them to be the best they can be – something that truly fixes the problem, gives you a great smile, and lets you live your life without having to think about what you bite into, and how to keep your teeth clean.

      What’s not so good about dentures?

      1.     They’re made of plastic gums with teeth glued into them. – This means that every set of dentures will eventually have to be replaced. The plastic wears, the teeth chip, and over time, your jawbone deteriorates causing the denture to fit poorly which leads to embarrassing slippage, and can cause sores in your mouth.

      2.     They need to be taken out at night for cleaning. – That means that they are not permanently attached to your jaw, so you need to use adhesives to hold them in place. Also, removing the denture can make you feel self-conscious, and may cause uncomfortable sleep.

      3.     They stain easily, retain odors, and attract bacteria. – That’s the major reason you need to take them out to clean them, but it can be difficult to remove stains and plaque build-up, causing odors and leading to poor oral health.

      Problems with removable dentures are caused by two basic things: What they are made of, and how they are held in place.

      A Better Alternative to Removable Dentures

      While removable dentures provide a full-arch of teeth and gums, they are made up of multiple pieces. If we count the plastic gums as one piece, and add each porcelain tooth glued into it, a traditional denture can have as many as 13 pieces that can chip, break, fall out, crack or wear down. Tiny openings in the plastic gums, as well as the spaces between the denture teeth attract odors, stains, and the bacteria that causes dental plaque.

      A full-arch, dental implant-supported bridge made from a single piece of Prettau® Zirconia virtually eliminates the possibility of chipping, cracking, breaking and wear – and it doesn’t attract stains, odors or plaque.Prettau Zirconia teeth tomorrow

      Better still, this bridge is anchored to dental implants that provide a solid foundation that enables you to smile with confidence and enjoy the foods you love to eat. You’ll never take your ‘teeth’ out again.

      This Teeth Tomorrow® bridge is a naturally beautiful full set of teeth and gums that you care for just like normal teeth. No more adhesives, no more slipping, no more teeth in a glass at night – no more dentures.

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